Samuel Rueff, born in 1991 in Germany, child of musicians, started his musical education at the age of 7. At the age of 11, he won his first music competition, awarded at the Swiss competition for the youth ( He afterwards won this competition several times, awarded in 2008 a price allowing him to perform as a soloist with the Chamber Orchestra Zürich. Samuel is a member of the  “Burkhalter Stiftung”, a Swiss foundation that supports the members by organizing concerts. He had in this way the opportunity to play as a soloist with orchestras such as the “Neues Orchester Basel” or the “Donau Sinfonieorchester Budapest.”

Samuel entered in 2006 the pre-professional class at the Academy of Music in Basel and in 2009 the High School of Music in Lausanne (HEMU) where he graduated in June 2012 with a Bachelor degree in the class of Verena Bosshart and in 2014 with a master degree in the class of José-Daniel Castellon.

Samuel regularly participates in projects Orchestrequipasseparlà which gives him experience the fun and the chance to play the great works of the orchestral repertoire.

Besides the orchestra, Samuel is passionate about chamber music. It occurs in different formations, including wind quintet, the group he founded in September 2012 with colleagues met at Hemu. He landed in June 2012 the price of barrier Montreux Casino, a scholarship for talent and creativity.

Samuel is currently studying at Hemu and performs a course parallel to the Sinfonietta Orchestra of Lausanne.